Sunday, 18 May 2014

~The Infernal Devices~

I have just finished this series and I feel as though I cannot express which emotion I am feeling right now. The epilogue in Clockwork Princess broke my heart and filled it with happiness all at once. 
There was so much detail which I valued; I especially loved how it was mentioned that Charlotte and Henry’s family all have red curly hair - just as Clary does a few decades later. The love and emotion in the Infernal Devices mixed with a gripping and page turning plot and story line made me love the series so very much. This series was wonderful beyond extent; Cassandra Clare is brilliant. 
I sincerely hope Tessa and Jem make and appearance in CoHF, their reunion was too brilliant for words which I could express. The story of Tessa’s 130 years in the epilogue brought me to tears, especially her life with Will as they grew old together!